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Located in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, Mississippi experiences short, mild winters; long, warm and humid summers, and for the most part, evenly distributed precipitation throughout the year.

Average high temperatures reach into the high 80's in summer, and into the high 40's in winter. Much warmer winter highs are common along the Gulf of Mexico.

Light snow accumulates in the northern and central regions during the winter months. The coastal region receives the heaviest amounts of precipitation, with more than 65 inches annually.

Thunderstorms are common in Mississippi, especially in the southern part of the state, and from June through November, the state is occasionally affected by hurricanes moving north from the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina caused catastrophic damage along the coastal areas of Mississippi; 238 people died, 67 went missing and billions of dollars in damages were the end result of this massive storm.

For a closer look at Mississippi precipitation levels, view this precipitation map.

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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 61/16 (Feb) 62/17 (Mar) 66/19 (Apr) 72/22

(May) 78/25 (Jun) 84/29 (Jul) 89/31 (Aug) 90/32

(Sep) 89/31 (Oct) 83/28 (Nov) 74/23 (Dec) 66/19

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 47/18 (Feb) 48/9 (Mar) 51/10 (Apr) 57/14

(May) 64/18 (Jun) 69/20 (Jul) 73/23 (Aug) 73/23

(Sep) 72/22 (Oct) 63/17 (Nov) 58/14 (Dec) 47/8


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 55/13 Feb) 58/14 (Mar) 65/18 (Apr) 72/22

(May) 78/25 (Jun) 86/30 (Jul) 92/33 (Aug) 91/33

(Sep) 90/32 (Oct) 84/29 (Nov) 74/23 (Dec) 63/17

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 34/1 (Feb) 36/2 (Mar) 43/6 (Apr) 49/9

(May) 58/14 (Jun) 64/18 (Jul) 71/22 (Aug) 71/22

(Sep) 69/20 (Oct) 56/13 (Nov) 50/10 (Dec) 38/3

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