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Like most of America's central states, the weather in Missouri is often unpredictable, as very hot summers, winter blizzards and violent thunderstorms are not uncommon.

Generally in Missouri the spring months are beautiful and pleasant; summers can be rather warm and humid; fall months are comfortably mild, and winters are on the cold side, especially in the northern areas.

Early evening thunderstorms are common in summer, and tornados strike the state on a regular basis as Missouri is in America's Tornado Alley.

January is the coldest month, with average high temperatures in the low 20's. July is the warmest month, with average high temperatures near 90 degrees. Much hotter summers and colder winters (with significant snow) are not uncommon.

Annual precipitation amounts range from 35 to 40 inches in the northern half of the state. In the southern areas, amounts nears 50 inches are the norm.

For an interesting look at Missouri precipitation levels on an annual basis, view this precipitation map.

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Sugar Maple, Fleming Park, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
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Seasonal Temperature Averages:

HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 38/3 (Feb) 43/6 (Mar) 55/13 (Apr) 67/19

(May) 76/24 (Jun) 85/30 (Jul) 89/32 (Aug) 87/31

(Sep) 80/27 (Oct) 69/20 (Nov) 55/13 (Dec) 42/5

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 21/-6 (Feb) 25/-4 (Mar) 35/2 (Apr) 46/8

(May) 56/13 (Jun) 66/19 (Jul) 70/21 (Aug) 68/20

(Sep) 60/16 (Oct) 48/9 (Nov) 38/3 (Dec) 26/-3

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