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1900's continued
  • (1947) State sales tax instituted
  • (1952) Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened; first intensive care facility in nation opened at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • (1954) St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore, became American League Orioles; University of Maryland first university to integrate below Mason-Dixon Line
  • (1955) Desegragation of public schools began
  • (1957) Baltimore Harbor Tunnel opened
  • (1958 and 1959) Baltimore Colts National Football League champions
  • (1963) Race riots occurred in Cambridge
  • (1967) Thurgood Marshall became first African-American Justice of Supreme Court; rioting and demonstrations in Cambridge resulted in two blocks of black district destroyed by fire
  • (1968) Rioting occurred in Baltimore and Washington, D. C. following Dr. Martin Luther King assassination
  • (1969) Spiro Agnew elected U. S. Vice President
  • (1970) Baltimore held first city fair; Baltimore Orioles won World Series
  • (1973) Maryland adopted state lottery; Spiro Agnew resigned vice-presidency
  • (1974) Both houses of General Assembly elected on basis of equal representation by population
  • (1979) Daniel Nathans, Hamilton Smith of Johns Hopkins Hospital won Nobel Prizes for medicine
  • (1980) Harbor Place in Baltimore opened
  • (1992) Baseball stadium, Camden Yards, opened downtown Baltimore
  • (1995) Annapolis celebrated 300-year anniversary as Maryland's capital
  • (1998) Middle East Peace Talks held at Wye River Conference Center
  • (2004) Maryland celebrated Flag Centennial
  • (2006) Maryland had lowest poverty rate in US
  • (2007) Nation's first Living Wage law enacted in Maryland; Middle East Peace Conference held at U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis
  • (2008) Walking became official state exercise; Maryland first state to name offical state exercise
  • (2010) Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon resigned after conviction of embezzlement
  • (2012) State Senate passed bill legalizing gay marriage

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