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  • (1813) First steamboat, the Chesapeake, appeared in Chesapeake Bay; British raided Havre de Grace
  • (1814) Francis Scott Key wrote "Star Spangled Banner" during British attack of Fort McHenry
  • (1828) Construction began on nation's first railroad - the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
  • (1829) Chesapeake and Delaware Canal opened, linked Chesapeake Bay with Delaware River
  • (1844) Samuel F. B. Morse demonstrated world's first telegraph line, from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore
  • (1845) U. S. Naval Academy founded at Annapolis
  • (1849) Harriet Tubman escaped slavery; began rescuing other slaves
  • (1861) First bloodshed of Civil War occurred in Baltimore; federal troops occupied Annapolis; Union forces occupied Baltimore
  • (1862) Confederate cavalry entered Cumberland; Battle of South Mountain - Union troops forced Confederates from Crampton's and Turner's Gaps; Confederates defeated at Antietam - most deadly battle of Civil War, 4,800 dead, 18,000 wounded
  • (1863) Lee's army passed through Maryland enroute to Gettysburg
  • (1864) Hagerstown and Frederick held for ransom by Confederates; Maryland abolished slavery
  • (1865) Marylander, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated President Abraham Lincoln
  • (1876) Johns Hopkins University founded
  • (1877) Baltimore and Ohil Railroad workers struck, demonstrated in Cumberland, rioted in Baltimore
  • (1894) Baltimore Orioles won first baseball championship
  • (1904) Fire destroyed downtown Baltimore
  • (1912) Democratic National Convention held in Baltimore
  • (1920) Women voted for first time in Maryland
  • (1920's - 1930's) Maryland refused to endorse national Prohibition laws, nicknamed "Free State"
  • (1921) Mary E. W. Risteau first woman elected to House of Delegates
  • (1922) Ku Klux Klan rallied in Frederick, Baltimore
  • (1924) Flooding destroyed much of Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
  • (1935) University of Maryland School of Law opened to black students following suit brought by NAACP attorney, Thurgood Marshall
  • (1937) State income tax instituted
  • (1941) USS Maryland attacked at Pearl Harbor
  • (1942) Blacks in Baltimore protested police brutality; demanded school board representation
  • (1943) Elkton factory explosion killed 15 workers
  • (1944) "Blue-baby" operation developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital

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