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Famous People

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.

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  • Julie Adams actress
  • Beth Streeter Aldrich author
  • Fran Allison actress
  • Adrian Constantine (Cap) Anson baseball player
  • Samuel Z. Arkoff movie producer
  • Tom Arnold actor
  • Jack Bailey actor
  • Bix Beiderbecke musician
  • Clifford Berry inventor
  • Earl Blakesley, Jr. screenwriter
  • Tommy Bolin singer
  • Norman Ernest Borlaug nobel peace prize winner, agronomist
  • Lara Flynn Boyle actress
  • Neville Brand actor
  • Norman Breyfogle illustrator
  • Bill Bryson author
  • Ellis Parker Butler author
  • Macdonald Carey actor
  • Wallace Hume Carothers inventor
  • Johnny Carson entertainer
  • Walter Cassel opera singer
  • Virginia Christine actress
  • Dallas Clark football player
  • Christian Clemenson actor
  • William (Buffalo Bill) Cody buffalo hunter, entertainer, pony express rider
  • Stephen Collins actor
  • Chester Conklin actor
  • Gardner Cowles, Jr. publisher
  • Roger Craig football player
  • Janet Dailey author
  • Bill Daily actor
  • Lee DeForest inventor
  • James "Jim" Doran football player
  • Tim Dwight football player
  • Mamie Doud Eisenhower u. s. first lady
E - F
  • James Ellison actor
  • Michael Emerson actor
  • Simon Estes opera singer
  • Sharon Farrell actress
  • Terry Farrell actress
  • Bob Feller baseball player
  • William Frawley actor
  • John Froelich inventor
  • Dan Gable amateur wrestler
  • George Gallup statistician, inventor gallup poll
  • Susan Glaspell author
  • Frank Gotch wrestler
  • Fred Grandy actor
  • Charles Ernest "Chuck" Grassley politician

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andy williams dear abby donna reed elsa maxwell glenn miller henry wallace herbert hoover james van allen john l lewis john wayne johnny carson lawrence sullivan ross lillian russell loren shriver louise henry hoover mamie eisenhower meridith wilson robert noyce buffalo bill

  • James Norman Hall author
  • Roy Halston fashion designer
  • Ricko Hamm musician
  • Van Hardin radio host
  • Tom Harkin politician
  • Hill Harper actor
  • Rickie Hayward drummer, founding member "little feat"
  • Chad Hennings football player
  • Dave Higgins actor
  • Jerry Hilgenberg football player, coach
  • Walter "Wally" Hilgenberg football player
  • Marjorie Holmes author
  • Herbert Hoover u. s. president
  • Lou Henry Hoover u. s. first lady
  • Mary Beth Hurt actress
J - K
  • Zach Johnson golfer
  • Lori "Lolo" Jones track and field athlete
  • Nate Kaeding football player
  • MacKinlay Kantor author, screenwriter
  • Frank Keenan actor
  • Corita Kent artist
  • Nile Kinnick football player
  • Ted Kooser poet
  • Ashton Kutcher actor
  • Ann Landers columnist
  • Priscilla Lane actress
  • Harry Langdon actor
  • Rustin Larson poet
  • Cloris Leachman actress
  • Willie Leacox drummer
  • Laura Leighton actress
  • Aldo Leopold environmentalist
  • Meridel LeSueur journalist
  • John L. Lewis labor leader
  • E. J. Lindquist educator
  • Joanna Lund author

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