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Georgia Timeline
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Georgia timeline

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1800's continued
  • (1861) Civil War began; Savannah volunteer militia captured Fort Pulaski; Ordinance of Secession was adopted; Georgia ratified Confederate Constitution; Georgia took possession of U. S. mint at Dahlonega; President Lincoln orders blockade of Southern ports
  • (1862) Union forces captured Fort Pulaski; Union raiders stole locomotive to (unsuccessfully) destroy bridges and tracks between Atlanta and Chattanooga (Great Locomotive Chase); Atlanta became Confederate military post
  • (1863) President Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation; Confederates won at Battle of Chickamauga, over 18,000 killed
  • (1864) Many Civil War battles occurred in Georgia; William T. Sherman led armies through Georgia to Savannah (March to the Sea); left Atlanta in flames
  • (1865) Civil War ended
  • (1868) Atlanta became capital
  • (1870) Fifteenth Amendment ratified; Georgia readmitted to Union
  • (1879) Official flag created
  • (1881) Hurricane struck coast, killed 700, many homeless
  • (1888) Coca-Cola first goes on sale at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta
  • (1891) Jim Crow laws enacted
  • (1893) Hurricane struck southern coast of Georgia, 2,000 dead, more than 30,000 homeless; public hangings abolished
  • (1903) Tornado hit Gainesville and New Holland, 106 dead; earthquake struck Tybee Island/Savannah
  • (1906) Atlanta Race Riot continued for two days; 26 killed, many wounded
  • (1912) White residents of Forsyth County drove black population out; Girl Scouts founded in Savannah
  • (1916) Fire in downtown Augusta destroyed 32 city blocks, 600 homes and six blocks of businesses burned, over 3,000 homeless
  • (1918) Spanish flu struck; thousands died
  • (1921) Boll weevils reduced cotton crop to half
  • (1924) Delta Airlines starts as crop dusting company
  • (1934) Masters Golf Tournament began at Augusta National Golf Club
  • (1936) Tornado in Cordele killed 23, destroyed 289 buildings; tornado in Gainesville killed 187 people, left 200 homeless; Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind published; Ty Cobb inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
  • (1942) German submarine sunk ship and oil tanker in torpedo attack off St. Simon's Island; gas rationing went into effect
  • (1944) Dr. Alfred Blalock performed first blue baby operation; 47 railroad workers died in train derailment in Stockton; artist Harry Rossoll developed idea and image of Smokey Bear
  • (1958) Dynamite explosion destroyed interior of Atlanta Jewish Temple

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