Connecticut Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.

  • Dean Acheson politician
  • Ethan Allen american revolutionary leader
  • Lauren Ambrose actress
  • Benedict Arnold V general continental army, traitor
  • Moses Austin developer of lead industry
  • Roger Sherman Baldwin politician
  • Joel Barlow poet, politician
  • P. T. Barnum showman, founder ringling bros, barnum & bailey circus
  • Ed Begley actor
  • Richard Belzer actor
  • A. Scott Berg biographer, pulitzer prize winner
  • Chris Berman sportscaster
  • Henry Alfred Bishop railroad executive, politician
  • Daniel Bissell Revolutionary War general
  • Michael Bolton singer, songwriter
  • Ernest Borgnine actor
  • Jesse Bradford actor
  • Jonathan Brandis actor
  • Alex Breckenridge actress
  • Amy Brenneman actress
  • Brooke Brodack video producer
  • John Brown abolitionist
  • Daniel Burbank astronaut
  • Gary Burghoff actor
  • Aaron Burr, Sr. educator
  • Scott Burrell basketball player
  • George W. Bush former u. s. president
  • Candace Bushnell author
  • Marcus Camby basketball player
  • Walter Camp sports writer, football coach
  • Al Capp cartoonist
  • Karen Carpenter singer
  • Richard Carpenter musician
  • Chris Carrabba singer
  • Orlow W. Chapman politician
  • Chris Clark hockey player
  • Glenn Close actress
  • Jaidon Codrington boxer
  • Samuel Colt inventor, industrialist, founder colt's fire arms company
  • Joe Courtney politician
  • Bob Crane actor


  • Paul Dano actor
  • Rosa DeLauro politician
  • Brian Dennehy actor
  • Christopher Dodd politician
  • Chris Drury hockey player
  • Dominick Dunne journalist, author
  • John Gregory Dunne author, screenwriter
  • Jonathan Edwards pastor, theologian
  • Oliver Ellsworth politician
  • Anna Eshoo politician
  • Linda Evans actress
  • Eileen Farrell opera singer
  • John Fitch inventor, bronzesmith
  • Dwight Freeney football player
  • William Gillette actor, playwright
  • Ryan Gomes basketball player
  • Charles Goodyear inventor vulcanized rubber
  • Porter J. Goss politician
  • Ella T. Grasso first woman governor of connecticut
  • Galusha A. Grow politician
  • Nathan Hale america's first spy, officer in american revolutionary war
  • Robert N. Hall inventor
  • Dorothy Hamill olympic medalist (born in illinois)
  • Anttaj Hawthorne football player

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