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Mexico History Timeline

1800's continued
  • (1857) Santa Anna exiled, Juan Alvarez assumed power, established reforms, new constitution
  • (1858 - 1861) Civil War
  • (1861) War ended, Benito Juarez became president, suspended all debt payments to foreign governments; Napolean III sent troops, forced Juarez to flee
  • (1867) France withdrew troops from Mexico, Juarez reinstated as president
  • (1872) Juarez died of heart attack, Porfirio Díaz became his successor; commercial, economic development favored upper classes, not the poor
  • (1910) Mexican Revolution began; Francisco Madero became president
  • (1913) Madero overthrown, murdered; General Victoriano Huerto declared himself dictator
  • (1914) Huerto forced to resign; Venustiano Carranza took control; USA seized Vera Cruz
  • (1916) USA forces entered Mexico in search of Francisco "Pancho" Villa
  • (1917) New consititution established; Alvaro Obregon elected president
  • (1929) National Revolutionary Party established
  • (1934) President Lazaro Cardenas began nationalization of oil, established land reforms, industrial expansion
  • (1942) Mexico declared war on Japan, Germany
  • (1946) Miguel Aleman elected first civilian president since 1911
  • (1968) Mexico City hosted Olympic Games; student demonstration resulted in hundreds of protestors wounded, over 100 killed
  • (1976) Huge oil reserves discovered in Bay of Campeche
  • (1985) Earthquake in Mexico City killed nearly 10,000; caused heavy damages
  • (1992) Mexico joined USA, Canada in signing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

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