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St Lucia famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - D
  • George "Fish" Alphonse actor, director, poet, author
  • Kenny Davis Anthony former prime minister
  • Michelle Baptiste athlete
  • Danielle Beaubrun swimmer
  • Rufus Bousquet politician
  • Winston Cenac former prime minister
  • George Charles politician
  • Sixtus Jeanne Charles singer, musician
  • John Compton former prime minister (born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
  • Petrus "Papo" Compton politician
  • Mc. Donald Dixon author
E - H
  • Edmund Estephane politician
  • Emma-Gene Evans athlete
  • Vincent Floissac jurist, politician
  • Sarah Flood-Beaubrun politician
  • Richard Frederick politician
  • Barry George artistic director, choreographer
  • Damian Greaves politician
  • Cornelius Henry cricketer
  • Kendel Hippolyte poet, playwright, director
  • Julian Hunte United Nations ambassador
  • Shervon Jack footballer
  • Arsene James politician
  • Sir Stanislaus A. James former governor-general
  • Earl Jean footballer
  • Dominic Johnson athlete
  • Ezekiel Joseph politician
  • Guy Joseph politician
  • Morella Joseph politician
  • Zepherinus Joseph athlete
  • Peter Josie politician
  • Didacus Jules educator
K - L
  • Stephenson King prime minister
  • John Robert Lee writer, poet, librarian
  • Vernetta Lesforis athlete
  • Sir W. Arthur Lewis economist, Nobel laureate
  • Vaughan Lewis former prime minister
  • Allan Louisy former prime minister
  • Dame Pearlette Louisy politician

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Photos used are from public domain sources and

  • George Mallet politician (born in Panama)
  • Joseph Marcell actor
  • Mario Michel politician, lawyer
  • Danny Mitchell footballer
  • Keith Mondesir politician
  • Lenard Montoute politician
O - X
  • George Odlum politician
  • Jamie Peterkin swimmer
  • Zaine Pierre footballer
  • Michael Pilgrim politician
  • Menissa Rambally politician
  • Rene Regis footballer
  • Darren Sammy cricketer
  • Anthony Severin ambassador
  • Levern Spencer athlete
  • Philip Tisson footballer
  • Derek Alton Walcott poet, playwright, Nobel laureate
  • Rick Wayne author, editor
  • Boswell Williams politician
  • Patrick Wilson boxer
  • Llewellyn Xavier artist

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