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San Blas Islands, Panama

The San Blas Islands of Panama are an archipelago comprising approximately 378 islands and cays, of which only 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama in the Caribbean Sea, northeast of Panama City.

The inhabitants (Kuna Indians) used to wear few clothes and decorated their bodies with colorful designs. When encouraged to wear clothes by the missionaries, they followed their body painting designs in their Molas, which they wore as clothing.

Today the San Blas Islands are famous for the locally produced Molas made of rainbow colored fabrics, emblazoned with fish, birds, jungle animals and geometric designs that would impress Picasso himself. The women wear the Molas and the men still fish from canoes as they did before Columbus came.

The Kunas still harvest coconut palm trees for something fresh to drink each morning, just as they have for untold centuries. And when you take pictures of the Kuna Indians they will expect a tip, and I found a dollar to be the perfect amount.

san blas islands

san blas islands When you approach the islands from a distance, dozens and dozens of small cays (like this one) come into view; most of them are uninhabited.

san blas island pipe smoker I spotted this woman in the village happily smoking her pipe. When I reached for my camera, she quickly shouted in English, "One dollar, one dollar," and of course I complied.

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cruise ship san blas islands
This is Holland America's ms Rotterdam, anchored just off of the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Look closely for the dozens of small boats off either side of the ship; details below.

cruise ship san blas islands
Whenever a cruise ship approaches the San Blas Islands, locals row out in their canoes (full of family and friends) and beg the ship's passengers to throw them money. Each canoe has at least one child who will dive for the money as it hits the water. We were there for 8 hours, and so were they.

diving for money san blas islands
These two boys made dozens of dives for coins, and almost every time they returned to the surface with their prize in hand, and of course, the family would then beg for more.

girls in boat san blas island
I spotted these two beautiful (but quite shy) sisters alone in their canoe as their brothers and others were diving for coins.

grass huts san blas islands
The Kuna live on small, often football-field size islands, with turquoise water, palm trees and white sand the dominate features. And yes, most of the homes (huts) are made of grass with bamboo supports beams. After looking inside a few of them, they appeared quite sturdy with nice woven floor mating. I was surprised how big some were as they were divided into multiple rooms.

grass huts and blas islands A few of the San Blas islands (close to the mainland) have electricity, while none of them have fresh water, so that much needed water, as well as food is brought in from the mainland in hand-hewn dugout canoes.

grass huts sand blas island I was in this maze of huts all interconnected by doors and narrow hallways; they belonged to one family.

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