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guatemala famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

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  • Virgilio Rodriguez Macal author, journalist
  • Myrna Mack anthropologist
  • Manny Marroquin music mixing engineer
  • Rafael Arevalo Martinez author, poet, diplomat
  • Rigoberta Menchu indigenous rights activist, nobel laureate
  • Francisco Mendez author, poet
  • Jose Milla author
  • Francisco Mendez poet, author
  • Carlos Merida artist
  • Mario Monteforte author, dramatist, politician
  • Efrain Rios Montt dictator, army general, politician
  • Jose Batres Montufar author, politician
  • Rolando Moran former leader guatemalan national revolutionary unity
  • Maria Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno singer, songwriter
  • Karl Palencia "Myztiko" music producer
O - Q
  • Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio former president
  • Carlos Wyld Ospina author, poet
  • Gustavo Adolfo Palma tenor
  • Luis Gonzalez Palma photographer
  • Juan Carlos Plata football player
  • Carlos Pena singer
  • Fernando Quevedo physicist
R - S
  • Henry Raudales violinist
  • Adrian Recinos scholar, historian, translator
  • Rodolfo Robles physician, discovered onchocerciasis (robles disease)
  • Carlos "El Pescadito" Ruiz football player
  • Gabriela Salvado model
  • Hector Sandarti television host
  • Kevin Sandoval football player
  • Shery singer, songwriter
T - U
  • Rodolfo Galeotti Torres sculptor
  • Luis Augusto Turcios leader of rebel armed forces
  • Jorge Ubico former president
  • Tekun Umam last ruler, king of K'iche" maya people
  • David Unger author
  • Federico Urruela diplomat
V - Z
  • Jose Milla y Vidaurre author
  • Anton Villatoro cyclist
  • Jaime Vinals mountaineer, first central american to climb Mt. Everest
  • Luis von Ahn educator, pioneer in crowdsourcing, researcher
  • Harris Whitbeck news correspondent
  • Rafael Yela artist, sculptor
  • Marco Antonio Yon leader revolutionary movement
  • Jose Ruben Zamora newspapers founder, editor

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