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The weather of Central America is dominated by distinct wet and dry seasons. Temperatures are similar throughout the year, but rain varies considerably depending on the time of year.

The wet season runs from June to October and the dry season from mid November to May. Despite these predictable patterns, it's not unheard of to have a flash flood in the dry season, or to have two weeks of gorgeous weather in the middle of the wet season.

All of the countries are generally hot and humid year-round with daily high temperature averages near 82° F; warmer conditions are common along the Pacific Ocean coastline. The central plateau temps average in the mid-70s, while the higher reaches of the mountains average near 60° F; low temperatures occasionally reach freezing levels in the mountains. In Costa Rica and Panama, afternoon highs frequently reach the upper 80's.

Severe weather in the form of thunderstorms is a normal spring and summer occurrence across Central America. From June through October hurricanes (very occasionally) strike the Central American countries, usually from Honduras north to Belize.

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