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Central America Timeline:
  • 1500 BC Maya civilation dominates much of Central America
  • 600 BC Maya migrate from Central America into South America
  • 50 BC  Maya introduce a calendar known as the Calendar Round
  • 500   Tikal, Guatemala developes into a major Mayan temple city
  • 1123 Yucatec Maya overthrew the Itza Maya
  • 1487 Aztec send spies to Belize to gain trade information
  • 1492 Columbus expores islands along the Caribbean Sea coastline
  • 1501 Columbus visted and named Costa Rica (Rich Coast)
  • 1502 Spanish explorer Rodrigo de Bastidas visits Panama
  • 1502 Columbus reaches the coastline of Honduras
  • 1513 Vasco Nunez de Balboa reaches the Pacific coast, claims ocean for Spain
  • 1519 Panama City founded by the Spanish
  • 1523 Indigenous Mayan defeated, Guatemala becomes a Spanish colony
  • 1524 Spanish established settlement at Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • 1525 Spanish begin their conquest of Honduras
  • 1530 Francisco Pizarro sails from Panama to attempt the conquest of Peru
  • 1540 El Salvador becomes a Spanish colony
  • 1561 Juan de Cavallon of Spain established colony in Costa Rica

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