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European Timeline:
  • 3500 - 2600 BC Minoan people settled the island of Crete, became an important maritime power trading with Egypt and Asia Minor
  • 3000 BC Aegeans and Minoans developed bronze tools and trade networks
  • 3100 - 2400 BC Construction of Stonehenge completed in England in multiple phases
  • 2500 - 2000 BC Use of bronze tools spread across mainland Europe
  • 1900 - 1600 BC Mycenaean Age began, Mycenaean people spread across the Greek mainland
  • 1627 BC Thera Volcano erupted, decimated nearby Minoan settlements, changed the climate of the entire region
  • 1420 BC Mycenaeans occupied the Minoan cities on Crete
  • 1104 BC Phoenicians founded the city of Cadiz in present day Spain
  • 1085 BC Madrid founded
  • 900 - 800 BC Greek city states founded. Greeks modified the Phoenician alphabet to create the Greek alphabet
  • 776 BC First Olympic games held in Delphi
  • 753 BC Rome founded
  • 600 BC The Forum built in Rome
  • 550 BC World wonder, the Temple of Artemis completed in Ephesus
  • 546 BC Cyrus the Great proclaimed "King of the Persian Empire"

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