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Conditions in central and northern Spain are considered near-perfect in spring and late summer, as you avoid the oppressive heat of July and August, and the much colder conditions of late fall and winter.

The 'Costa del Sol' and other southern coastal areas are pleasant throughout the year. Across the Andalucia Region (even in winter) the days are usually sunny and warm. In Andalucia summer months are frequently hot and humid, but manageable.

For those seeking summer heat relief, the mountains are always a good choice, as well as the northern coastal areas from La Coruna to San Sabastian. In addition, the eastern Mediterranean coastal cities - from Barcelona south to Cartagena - and the Balearic Islands, are much more temperate.

The central plateau (or Meseta) experiences dry, freezing conditions December - February, while summer temps regularly reach into the high 80's, with low 90's common in July and early August.

The northern mountain areas - especially the Cantabrica and Pyrenees - are much colder in winter with heavy snowfall in the upper elevations.

Seasonal Temperature Averages


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 55/12 (Feb) 56/13 (Mar) 61/15 (Apr) 63/17

(May) 69/20 (Jun) 74/23 (Jul) 82/27 (Aug) 79/26

(Sep) 76/24 (Oct) 71/21 (Nov) 65/18 (Dec) 57/13

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 43/5 (Feb) 44/6 (Mar) 49/9 (Apr) 52/11

(May) 58/14 (Jun) 64/17 (Jul) 71/21 (Aug) 68/19

(Sep) 65/18 (Oct) 61/15 (Nov) 52/11 (Dec) 43/5


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 48/8 (Feb) 53/11 (Mar) 60/15 (Apr) 68/20

(May) 79/26 (Jun) 86/30 (Jul) 93/34 (Aug) 88/31

(Sep) 83/28 (Oct) 70/20 (Nov) 60/15 (Dec) 51/10

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 33/0 (Feb) 31/0 (Mar) 40/4 (Apr) 45/6

(May) 52/11 (Jun) 59/14 (Jul) 67/19 (Aug) 60/15

(Sep) 58/14 (Oct) 52/10 (Nov) 46/7 (Dec) 33/0


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 61/15 (Feb) 62/16 (Mar) 68/20 (Apr) 74/23

(May) 77/24 (Jun) 83/28 (Jul) 89/31 (Aug) 88/30

(Sep) 83/28 (Oct) 77/25 (Nov) 71/21 (Dec) 63/17

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 46/7 (Feb) 46/7 (Mar) 51/10 (Apr) 57/14

(May) 62/16 (Jun) 66/19 (Jul) 71/21 (Aug) 71/21

(Sep) 67/19 (Oct) 64/17 (Nov) 57/14 (Dec) 49/9

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