Slovenia Famous Natives

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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Borut Pahor prime minister
  • Bruno Parma chess grandmaster
  • Tone Pavcek poet
  • Agoston Pavel poet, ethnologist, linguist, historian
  • Tomaz Pengov singer, songwriter
  • Oto Pestner composer, musician, singer
  • Robert Pesut "Magnifico" singer
  • Franci Petek geographer
  • Primoz Peterka ski jumper, Olympic medalist
  • Lojze Peterle politician
  • Anton Peterlin physicist
  • Veno Pilon painter, graphic artist, photographer
  • Jose Plecnik architect
  • Josip Plemelj mathematician
  • Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti politician, author
  • Zoran Predin singer, songwriter
  • Fritz Pregl chemist, physician, nobel laureate
  • France Preseren poet
  • Igor Pretnar film director
  • Janko Prunk historian
  • Johann Puch inventor, mechanic
  • Benka Pulko Guinness world record holder, author, motivational speaker
  • Miha Remec author
  • Tanja Ribic singer, actress
  • Janez Hocevar Rifle actor
  • Ita Rina actress
  • Jure Robic marathon cyclist
  • Anton Rop politician, former prime minister
  • Leon Rupnik military general
  • Simon Rutar historian, geographer
  • Jacob Savinsek sculptor, illustrator, poet
  • Majda Sepe singer
  • Ljubo Sirc economist
  • Franci Slak film, producer, screenwriter
  • Anton Martin Slomsek bishop, author, poet
  • Danijel Sraka film director, producer
  • Janez Stanovnik politician, economist
  • Matej Sternen painter
  • France Stiglic film director, screenwriter
  • Martin Strel Guinness world record holder, swimmer
  • Janez Strnad physicist
  • Leon Stukelj gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Vladimir Subic architect
  • Zlatko Sugman actor

S - T

  • Mateja Svet alpine skier, Olympic medalist
  • Jozsef Szakovics priest, author
  • Giuseppe Tartini composer, violinist
  • Ivan Tavcar writer, lawyer, politician
  • Joze Toporisic linguist
  • Janez Trdina writer, historian
  • Ante Trstenjak psychologist, painter, illustrator
  • Primoz Trubar protestant reformer
  • Danilo Turk president
U - V
  • Beno Udrih basketball player
  • Primoz Ulaga ski jumper, Olympic medalist
  • Ivo Urbancic philosopher
  • Johann Weikhard von Valvasor nobleman, scientist
  • Jurij Vega mathematician, physicist
  • Milan Vidmar electrical engineer
  • Anton Vodnik poet, historian, critic
  • Valentin Vodnik priest, journalist, poet
  • Anton Vratusa former prime minister, ambassador
  • Stanko Vraz poet
  • Ivan Vurnik architect
W - Z
  • Hugo Wolf composer
  • Dane Zajc poet, playwright
  • Egon Zakrajsek mathematician, computer scientist
  • Slavoj Zizek philosopher, critical theorist
  • Vitomil Zupan playwright, essayist, screenwriter
  • Alenka Zupancic philosopher
  • Oton Zupancic poet, playwright, translator
  • Denis Zvegelj rower, Olympic medalist

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