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Lithuania timeline

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1900's continued
  • (1989) Lithuanian communists voted to break with the Soviet party
  • (1990) Lithuania declared independence; USSR imposed embargo, halted fuel supplies, caused severe economic difficulties; Lithuania agreed to suspend independence
  • (1991) Soviet crackdown killed 13 civilians in Vilnius; failed coup in Moscow, Lithuania won independence; Lithuania joined OSCE and UN
  • (1992) New constitution introduced presidency; coalition government formed
  • (1993) Brazauskas elected president; Lithuania joined Council of Europe; the litas, new national currency introduced; Soviet troops complete withdrawal
  • (1994) Lithuania joined NATO partnership for peace program; treaty of friendship signed with Poland
  • (1995) Two largest commercial banks collapsed in Lithuania; political scandal ensued
  • (1996) Prime Minister Slezevicius removed
  • (1997) President Brazauskas visited Russia; border treaty signed
  • (1998) Valdas Adamkus, US citizen who spent nearly 50 years in exile, elected president
  • (1999) Conservative Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas resigned; Andrius Kubilius became prime minister
  • (2000) Paksas reappointed prime minister, as a member of the Liberal Union
  • (2001) Following the collapse of the coalition, Brazauskas became prime minister
  • (2002) Lithuania formally invited to join NATO and the European Union
  • (2003) Rolandas Paksas elected president; impeachment proceedings began against President Paksas after parliament concluded alleged links between Paksas and Russian organized crime constituted threat to national security
  • (2004) Lithuania joined NATO; parliament impeached and dismissed Rolandas Paksas; Lithuania joined the European Union; Valdas Adamkus re-elected president; Algirdas Brazaukas carried on as prime minister; Lithuania became first EU member state to ratify new constitution; due to EU entry requirements, number one reactor at Ignalina nuclear power station shut down
  • (2005) Russian fighter jet crashed in Lithuania territory, raised diplomatic tension with Moscow; investigation found technical and human error to blame, situation defused
  • (2008) Parliament ratified EU Lisbon Treaty; parliament banned display of Soviet and Nazi symbols; Andrius Kubilius, homeland union leader, appointed prime minister at the head of a center-right coalition government
  • (2009) Dalia Grybauskaite, EU budget commissioner, won presidential election; in accordance with EU entry requirements, the second reactor at the Ignalina nuclear power station shut down

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