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Hungary travel

ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)
Hungary is one of Europe's most popular travel destination, due to its location in the middle of Europe and overall beauty. Although small in size, it offers great diversity in attractions and sites.

Hungary is home to numerous UNESCO sites. Budapest is one of the most beautiful capital cities in all of Europe. Plus, there's culture, natural beauty, healing thermal waters, Hungarian goulish, along with monuments, Romanesque churches, castles and national parks.

  • Calling Code: 36
  • Electricity: 230V, 50Hz
  • Drive on the: Right
  • Times to Travel: Spring in Hungary is beautiful, although it can be rainy during that period.

    Summer months of July and August are warm and sunny and the resorts are very crowded, as this period is the main tourism season.

    Winter is the least favorite time to visit, as it's cold and bleak and many of the museums and popular tourism sites are closed.

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary
Fisherman's Bastion...
by Miva Stock
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Chain Bridge and Royal Palace on Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary
Chain Bridge and Royal Palace...
by Doug Pearson
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  • Hungary Travel Advice and Warnings


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