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Estonia Weather

Estonia is positioned in the northern part of the European temperate climate zone and experiences four seasons of near-equal length.

In general terms summers are cool and pleasant as average temperatures range from 16.3 °C (61.3 °F) on the Baltic islands to 18.1 °C (64.6 °F) inland. High temperatures reaching into the low 80s°F are common June - August.

In February (the coldest month) temps range from -3.5 °C (25.7 °F) on the Baltic islands to -7.6 °C (18.3 °F) inland in February.

As for precipitation, 535 to 727 mm (21.1 to 28.6 in) per year is the norm.

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Estonia Photographs

estonia winter

A winter night in Estonia Novokaiin at en.wikipedia

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