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Belarus famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

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K continued
  • Olga Korbut gymnast, Olympic medalist
  • Semyon Kosberg aircraft and rocket engineer
  • Andrei Kostitsyn hockey player
  • Sergi Kostitsyn hockey player
  • Vladimir Kovalyonok cosmonaut
  • Kandrat Krapiva poet, playwright
  • Pinchus Kremegne artist
  • Jazafat Kuncevic archbishop
  • Janka Kupala author
  • Abraham Kupchik chess player
  • Vitali Kutuzov soccer player
L - N
  • Maryna Linchuk fashion model
  • Seymour Lubetzky cataloging theorist, librarian
  • Dzmitry Lukas composer
  • Alexander Lukashenko president
  • Salomon Maimon philosopher
  • Leonid Mandelstam physicist
  • Dmitri Markov pole vaulter
  • Michael Marks co-founder of British retail chain Marks and Spencer
  • Vladimir Matyushenko martial arts fighter
  • Janka Maur author
  • Louis Mayer film producer
  • Alexander Medved wrestler
  • Ivan Melezh author
  • Alaksander Milinkieevic politician
  • Max Mirnyi tennis player
  • Theodor Narbut historian, military engineer
  • Mark Nemenman computer scientist
  • Yulia Nestsiarenka sprinter, Olympic medalist
  • Valeria Novodvorskaya politician
O - S
  • Michael Kleofas Oginski composer
  • Alexandre Okinczyc doctor
  • Napoleon Orda musician, composer
  • Alexander Parvus Marxist theoretician, Russian revolutionary
  • Zianon Pazniak politician
  • Shimon Peres former prime minister, president of Israel
  • Alexander Potupa author, human rights activist
  • Ryhor Pukst composer
  • Yazep Pushcha poet
  • Ryhor Reles author
  • Ruslin Salei hockey player
  • Lew Sapieha statesman
  • David Sarnoff founder National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  • Mikhail Savitsky artist
  • Vitaly Scherbo gymnast
  • Mendele Mocher Sforim author
  • Ivan Shamiakin author
  • Yitzhak Shamir former prime minister of Israel
  • Stanislau Shushkevich politician, scientist
  • Sergi Sidorsky former prime minister
  • Francysk Skaryna publisher
  • Ilya Smirin chess player
  • Chaim Soutine artist
  • Pavel Sukhoi aircraft constructor, designer
T - V
  • Maksim Tank poet
  • Branislau Taraskievic politician, linguist
  • Ivan Tsikhan hammer thrower
  • Immanuel Velikovsky scholar, author
  • Vincuk Viacorka leader of Belarusian National Front
  • Sergy Voychenko artist
  • Lev Vygotsky psychologist, founder of cultural-historical psychology

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