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Albania famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

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  • Pandeli Majko former prime minister
  • Pjeter Malota actor
  • Mirela Manjani Olympic medalist, javelin thrower
  • Violeta Manushi actress
  • Rudolf Marku poet
  • Ndoc Martini artist
  • Leke Matrenga (Luca Matranga) poet
  • Nevin Mecaj actor
  • Laureta Meci singer
  • Din Mehmeti poet
  • Rexhep Meidani former president
  • Aleksander Meksi former prime minister
  • Esad Mekuli poet
  • Hysni Milloshi communist party leader
  • Vangjush Mio artist
  • Rrok Mirdita archbishop
  • Ndre Mjeda poet
  • Alfred Moisiu former president
  • Inva Mula opera singer
  • Sejfulla Myftari (Cekja) comedian
N - P
  • Frederick Ndoci singer, songwriter
  • Millosh Gjergi Nikolla poet, author
  • Fan S. Noli author, scholar, diplomat, historian
  • Onufri artist
  • Nexhmije Pagarusha singer
  • Shani Pallaska actor
  • Tedi Papavrami violinist
  • Essad Pasha army officer, politician
  • Ibrahim Pasha general of Egypt
  • Kara Mehmed Pasha Ottoman statesman
  • Numan Pasha grand vizier Ottoman Empire
  • Ali Pashe military ruler
  • Gramoz Pashko economist, co-founder Albania Democratic Party
  • Turhan Pasha Permeti former prime minister
  • Enver Petrovci actor, director
  • Lasgush Poraderi poet
  • Hasan Bej Prishtina former prime minister
  • Sander Prosi actor
Q - R
  • Rexhep Qosja politician, literary critic
  • Erkand Qerimaj weightlifter
  • Edi Rama politician, publicist
  • Hava Rexha oldest woman in Albania at her death
  • Bajram Rexhepi former prime minister
  • Kadri Roshi actor
  • Shpetim Rroqi politician
  • Ibrahim Rugova first president of Kosovo

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  • Anri Sala artist
  • Fatmir Sejdiu former president of Kosovo
  • Luan Shabani Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Anjeza Shahini singer
  • Mehmet Shehu communist politician
  • Parashqevi Simaku singer
  • Thoma Simaku composer
  • Gjergi Kastriot Skanderbeg national hero
  • Ramadan Sokoli ethnomusicologist, musician
  • Venton Surroi politician, publicist
  • Donald Suxho volleyball player
  • Mother Teresa noble laureate, beatified nun
  • Queen Teuta Illyrian queen
  • Hashim Thaci prime minister of Kosovo
  • Jozefina Topalli politician
  • Gert Trasha weightlifter
  • Theoharis Trasha weightlifter
  • Kasem Trebeshina author
  • Petrika Troja microbiologist, physician
V - Z
  • Jul Variboba (Giulio Variboba) poet
  • Pashko Vasa (Wassa Effendi) poet
  • Shefqet Verlaci former prime minister
  • Agim Vinca poet, educator
  • Eqrem Viora politician, signer Albanian Declaration of Independence
  • Azem Vllasi politician
  • Spiro Xega artist
  • Koci Xoxe politician
  • Xhafer Ypi politician
  • Cesk Zadeja composer
  • Moikom Zeqo author, poet
  • Ahmet Zogu former king of Albania


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