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Vietnam History Timeline

2000s continued
  • (2006) Investigation of senior officials for alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars in transport ministry in state government; prime minister, president, National Assembly chairman were replaced
  • (2007) Vietnam became 150th member of World Trade Organization
  • (2007) USA agreed to help fund study to remove toxic defoliant, Agent Orange from former USA base
  • (2007) 400,000 people evacuated as Typhoon Lekima approached, two killed, hundreds of homes destroyed
  • (2008) Inflation reached 13-year high of 25.2%; over 1,000 workers walked off Panasonic plant assembly line in protest
  • (2008) Over 300 strikes took place in first quarter
  • (2008) Guilty verdicts for journalists Nguyen Viet Chien and Nguyen Van Hai, for exposing major corruption scandal, condemned by USA and international media companies
  • (2008) Vietnam said it planned to enforce two-child policy to control population growth
  • (2008) Border dispute between China and Vietnam resolved after 30 years
  • (2008) Government banned bloggers from raising inappropriate subjects
  • (2008) USA-Vietnam adoption agreement expired after two sides unable to resolve fraud and corruption disagreements
  • (2009) Over 15,000 prisoners released under Lunar New Year amnesty
  • (2009) Government dismissed editors of two newspapers following coverage of corruption scandal trial
  • (2010) Activist and human rights lawyer, Le Cong Dinh, and three others jailed on charges of attempting to overthrow government
  • (2011) 11 tourists, Vietnamese guide drowned after tour boat sank in Halong Bay
  • (2011) Officials announced more than 100,000 people have been killed or injured by land mines or other abandoned explosives since the Vietnam War ended nearly 40 years ago; clearing all the country will take decades more
  • (2011) USA-Vietnam began joint operation began to clean up contamination from Agent Orange
  • (2011) China, Vietnam signed agreement to manage South China Sea dispute
  • (2012) Six police, army officers injured in Haiphong during clash between authorities and farmers trying to fend off land eviction
  • (2012) Mystery skin infection killed 19, government asked World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control to aid the investigation into cause
  • (2012) Tropical storm tore roofs off hundreds of homes, breached flood defenses, killed three, several missing, over 260,000 relocated to safe areas
  • (2012) Protests in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi held over maritime territorial disputes with China

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