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Syria famous natives

  • Ali al-Abdallah writer, human rights activist
  • Michel Aflaq philosopher, sociologist, nationalist
  • Moustapha Akkad film producer, director
  • Vatche Arslanian Red Cross
  • Hafez al-Assad former president
  • Bashar al-Assad president
  • Hashim al-Atassi nationalist, former president
  • Luai al-Atassi military leader, former president
  • Nureddin al-Atassi former president
  • Amai al-Atrash "Asmahan" singer
  • Farid al-Atrash composer, singer
  • Lilia al-Atrash actress
  • Sultan al-Atrash Syrian commander general
  • Bashir al-Azma former prime minister
  • Yasser al-Azma actor, screenwriter
  • Yusuf al-Azmah politician, military general
  • Aziz al-Azmeh educator, lecturer
  • Kinan Azmeh clarinetist
D - J
  • Aref Dalila educator, political activist
  • Eudoxius of Antioch bishop
  • Sabah Fakhri singer
  • Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi philosopher
  • Mamoon al-Farkh voice actor
  • Amin al-Hafiz former president
  • Zid Abou Hamed athlete
  • Ibrahim Hananu French Mandate resistance hero
  • Iamblichus philosopher
  • Malek Jandali composer, pianist
  • John of Ephesus historian
  • Ahed Joughili weightlifter
K - M
  • Ghazi Kanaan politician
  • Abdul Halim Khaddam former vice president
  • Raed Khalil cartoonist
  • Michel Kilo writer, human rights activist
  • Bassam Kousa actor
  • Nazim al-Kudsi former president
  • Ahmed Muhammad Amin Kuftaro grand mufti
  • Duraid Lahham actor
  • Michael Madanly basketball player
  • Muhammad al-Maghut writer, poet
  • Adnan al-Malki army officer, politician
  • Samer al-Masry actor
  • Muhammad Mustafa Mero former prime minister
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N - R
  • Assala Nasri singer
  • Abbas al-Noury actor
  • Paul of Aleppo clergyman, chronicler
  • Philip the Arab Roman emperor
  • Abu Khalil Qabbani playwright, composer
  • Nizar Tawfiq Qabbani poet, publisher
  • Shukri al-Quwatli former president
  • Emarat Rezk actress
S - Z
  • Yasser Seirawan chess grandmaster
  • Nasser Al Shami Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Farouk al-Sharaa politician, diplomat
  • Yaser Shigan boxer
  • Adib Shishakli former president
  • Publilius Syrus writer
  • Ghada Shouaa Olympic medalist, heptathlete
  • Zakaria Tamer writer
  • Mustafa Tlass politician
  • Saadallah Wannous playwright
  • Muna Wassef actress
  • George Wassouf singer
  • Zenobia queen, led revolt against Roman Empire
  • Mahmoud Zuabi former prime minister
  • Constantin Zureiq historian, activist


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