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Kuwait History Timeline

  • (2002) Huge oil field fire killed four workers, stopped production of over 600,000 daily barrels
  • (2003) Thousands of soldiers met on Kuwait-Iraq border for U.S.-led campaign to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein
  • (2003) Emir appointed Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al Sabah prime minister, separated post from crown prince for the first time since independence
  • (2005) Islamist militants and police engaged in deadly gun battles
  • (2005) New law approved by Parliament allowing women the right to vote and seek seat in Parliament
  • (2005) Massouma al-Mubarak became the first woman cabinet minister appointed to Parliament
  • (2006) Emir Sheikh Jaber died, Crown Prince Sheikh Saad succeeded as Emir
  • (2006) Days after being appointed Emir, Sheikh Saad was removed from office due to failing health, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad was sworn in as Emir
  • (2006) Sheikh Sabah named Sheikh Nawaf, his brother, as crown prince and Sheikh Nasser, his nephew, named prime minister
  • (2006) Women voted for first time
  • (2006) Women failed to win any seats in first attempt in parliamentary elections
  • (2006) Emir dissolved parliament, called for early elections
  • (2007) Government resigned over no-confidence vote against the health minister
  • (2007) Sheikh Ali, Oil Minister, resigned
  • (2007) Government announced it was changing the country's weekend to Friday and Saturday instead of Thursday and Friday
  • (2007) To meet demands of economic growth due to record oil exports, Kuwaitis were asked to conserve electricity
  • (2008) Opposition-dominated parliament was dissolved after a political standoff delayed reforms
  • (2008) Emir called for elections after cabinet resigned over alleged lack of cooperation from MPs
  • (2008) Radical Islamists won over 50 seats in parliamentary elections
  • (2008) No women elected to Parliament in elections
  • (2008) Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Ahmad appointed prime minister by Emir
  • (2009) New government formed after parliamentary row over visit by a Shia cleric
  • (2009) Emir dissolved Parliament after demands to question his nephew and the prime minister about corruption allegations
  • (2009) Three women won seats in Parliamentary elections
  • (2009) Court ruled that women MPs were not required to wear the Islamic head cover
  • (2009) Court ruled that women could obtain passports without husbands' consent
  • (2010) MPs injured during demonstrations against government plot to change constitution
  • (2010) Scope TV's studios and equipment were destroyed after it aired shows critical of the ruling family
  • (2011) Inspired by wave of protests across Arab world, hundreds of young people in Kuwait demonstrated for reforms to change into a constitutional monarchy
  • (2011) Following protests and showdown over allegations of corruption, Emir dissolved Parliament, replaced prime minister
  • (2011) Iraq and Kuwait pledged to work toward resolving border disputes and debt issues
  • (2011) Over 3,000 customs officers went on strike demanding better pay and threatening to half oil exports
  • (2011) Foreign minister resigned amid allegations of high-level corruption
  • (2012) Islamists took control of parliament in elections
  • (2012) Emir al-Ahmad blocked a proposal made by members of Parliament to amend the Constitution to make all legislation in the country comply with Islamic law
  • (2012) Constitutional Court ruled that Parliament had been elected unconstitutionally, restored the previous legislature
  • (2012) Emir dissolved Parliament, called for second election in the year
  • (2013) Constitutional Court forced new elections
  • (2013) Third elections in 17 months took place
  • (2013) Twitter users in Kuwait and UAE received prison sentences in crackdowns on social media for posts deemed to be offensive or against state security
  • (2014) Emir appealed for donations for fundraising campaign to help Syrian people
  • (2014) Bids worth a total of $12 billion were approved for major upgrades at two oil refineries
  • (2014) Opposition called for major reforms, including institution of political parties and limiting ruling family's power

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