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Israel History Timeline

2000s continued
  • (2012) Hamas military leader, Ahmed Jabr, killed by Israeli strike
  • (2012) Iran offered scientific and technological experience to Hamas in return for victory over Israel
  • (2012) Histadrut Labor Union struck for five days regarding contact workers and benefits
  • (2012) Cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas was reached following eight days of violence which caused nearly 150 deaths
  • (2012) Construction of 3,000 more housing units in East Jerusalem and West Bank was authorized
  • (2013) Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reelected by narrow margin
  • (2013) Israeli fighter jets struck Syrian convoy suspected of moving weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon
  • (2013) Syria accused Israel of launching rocket attacks on Damascus
  • (2013) Following peace talks with U.S., Israel said it would release a number of Palestinian prisoners
  • (2013) First direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in three years were held in Jerusalem
  • (2013) Israeli war planes struck military base in Syria
  • (2013) Swiss forensic report indicated former Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, may have been poisoned with radioactive polonium
  • (2013) Israel, Jordan and Palestinian Authority signed agreement to build pipeline to carry brine from desalination plant at Red Sea to help replenish drying Dead Sea
  • (2013) Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners
  • (2014) Israeli Navy commandos seized merchant ship in souther Red Sea carrying Iranian shipment of weapons for Palestinian militant groups in Gaza
  • (2014) Southern Israel hit by 60 rockets fired from Gaza Strip; Israel retaliated with air strikes
  • (2014) Israeli military discovered sophisticated tunnel stretching fro Gaza Strip into Israel territory
  • (2014) Employees of Foreign Ministry office announced open-ended general strike over pay and working conditions, affected ministry office and 103 diplomatic missions abroad
  • (2014) Palestinian leadership submitted applications to join 15 international conventions and treaties despite opposition from U. S. and Israel, jeopardized Middle East peace talks

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