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Iran History Timeline

Iran timeline

2000s continued
  • (2011) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iran was carrying out research that could be used to develop nuclear bomb trigger
  • (2011) British embassy in Tehran was attacked by protesters after Britain imposed tighter economic sanctions
  • (2012) IAEA inspectors left after being denied access to the Parchin site
  • (2012) Traces of enriched uranium were found by UN nuclear inspectors at the Fordo nuclear site
  • (2012) European Union boycott of oil exports from Iran went into effect
  • (2012) Canada broke diplomatic relations due to Iran's nuclear programs
  • (2012) Rial (Iran's currency) lost about 80% of its value due to international sanctions
  • (2012) European Union announced additional sanctions against Iran focusing on gas imports, trades and banking
  • (2013) Operations began at two uranium mines and a uranium ore-processing plant
  • (2013) Hassan Rouhani won presidential election
  • (2013) Uranium enrichment would be curbed and UN inspectors allowed better access to plans in return for $7 billion in sanctions relief
  • (2014) Iranian diplomat, Ali Asghar Asadi, was killed in a drive-by shotting in Yemen
  • (2014) UN nuclear inspectors arrived to examine uranium mine in southern part of country
  • (2014) Demonstrators in Tehran, angry over the nuclear talks between Iran and West, denounced U.S. during 35th anniversary of Islamic Revolution celebrations
  • (2014) Iran and six world powers agreed on timetable and framework for negotiating agreement about nuclear programs
  • (2014) Israeli navy commandos seized merchant ship inRed Sea carrying Iranian shipment of weapons forPalestinian militant groups in Gaza
  • (2014) Construction began on nonworking mock-up ofAmerican nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
  • (2014) Concerns began that nuclear talks with Iran could falter due to escalating animosity between U.S. andRussia over Ukraine crisis

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